Wednesday, October 21, 2015

3D Printing a Partially Floating Object

by Coleman Moore

Today I did a few tests on how to print objects that are partially floating. The first test I did was to try and print an object that had pieces that were partially floating not using supports. The second test I did was print an object with supports that only had very minuscule parts floating as seen in this picture.

The third test I did was to print an object that was mostly floating or that had large parts hanging in the air, this can be seen in this picture.

To turn on supports all you need to do is click on the settings tab in maker bot and the check the supports box.

Unfortunately when this model printed it was missing a leg which means that the supports feature doesn’t comprehend the need to build supports under a flouting object though the arm which was pointed down slightly came out incredibly well which leaves me perplexed about the limits of the make bot.

The model can be seen in this picture.

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