Monday, October 26, 2015

Fun with the Boe-Bot

By Matt Jones

Figure 1: Board of Education on Boe-Bot.
The Boe-Bot is a small robot that can be programmed to do several different things.  This past week I have spent lots of time setting up activities for the Boe-Bot. I will be holding a workshop within the next few weeks to teach some of the basics of the Boe-Bot to students that are interested in using these fun and exciting robots. Not only will students be able to gain a better understanding of what a micro-controller is, they will also be able to see what the Boe-Bot does by writing code that will run on the Board of Education.

Figure 2: Boe-Bot with inferred sensors.

The Boe-Bots are programmed using PBASIC. This is a programming language created by Parallax Inc. that allows new programmers to easily create actual programs that will tell the robot what to do. In my workshop, I will be showing students some more complicated things that the Boe-Bot is capable of doing and each student will get the chance to manipulating code to make the Boe-Bot complete fun and interesting tasks.
Keep checking the announcements and the #ORHackShack for more details on my upcoming workshop.

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