Monday, December 14, 2015

Using The Green Screen

By Coleman Moore

Are you interested in learning how to use the Green Screen?  Below are some directions on getting started Veescope (the iPad app we have for using the green screen) so that you can use the Green Screen in the Hack Shack. It is really fun and their are some built in backgrounds and features such as a swirling vortex background and a 80’s party background . Some other backgrounds included a cartoon hero background and multiple landscapes. Use the following directions to get started:

1. First you are going to want to open the Veescope app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Then click on the Select button

3. Now click on the add button

4. Then click on the folder that holds the type of pictures you would like to choose from (in the example I chose Camera Roll).

5. Now choose the picture or video that you want to add and click done. 
6. The image is now in the list of choices, click on the one you want to use and then it will be your background.

Need more help with this?  Come in to the Hack Shack to have someone help you!


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