Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Did You Read The Instructions?

By Coleman Moore

Recently I noticed a strange phenomenon with all the problems people seemed to have while getting technology to work. The answer to all of these problems seemed to lie in the instruction manual that came with the device. Whether the manual was online or came as a paper copy it seemed no one had actually given it much thought. You see we have moved into a time where reading the instructions is thought of as a long tedious task that will not give you any helpful information. This causes many problems such as people needing help from “professionals” who actually just read the instructions and therefore know the information that the company felt was useful or would allow the customer to use said product.

Now for some personal stories about reading the instructions.

Story number 1: Mrs. Pearce helped her friend install the newest gadget The Clapper, but then her friend could not get it to work; the lights would not turn on. So being the literate genius that she is, Mrs. Pearce found the instructions and read them (a truly unimaginable feat). After reading she had new knowledge about how the mechanism was supposed to work.  She then proceeded to clap twice with little time in between and the lights turned on!

Story number 2: Soon after the new Hack Shack opened this fall the 3D printer was making a sound that befuddled the staff each time the printer started, and we kept having print jobs that didn’t quite work correctly if they were too tall. So being a firm believer that you have to read the directions to use the object (which has been quite helpful to me), I decided to read the directions and found that in actuality when we first got the 3D printer we were supposed to remove two bright orange spacers from under the build plate that were there for shipping purposes and so the spacers were removed and now the printer works great.

Story number 3: while trying to setup an apple TV that someone had gifted his family, Logan, one of the big users of the Hack Shack, thought to read the instructions as he normally would and found that setting up the Apple TV was a lot easier than his family thought. He was able to easily walk up to the TV click a couple of buttons on the remote and set the system up with no problem, all because he read the instructions

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