Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Benefits of Maker Spaces

by Rusat Latulippe

Maker Spaces have been around for several years and they are places that offer tools, resources, and networking opportunities for people who want to go beyond just learning about technology and create it.  These are places where makers, as people in the culture call themselves, get together to create and build.

Many schools have joined the creative movement and started to put maker spaces into their schools.  It's an unbelievable opportunity that allows students, rather than speak their mind, to show it. By providing students with an in-school makerspace not only gives students a new way to be creative but it also allows them to experiment with programmable robots, new printing technology( like the Silhouette) ,and 3D printing.

A maker space differs immensely from all of those other school facilities like a computer lab or the photography room. It combines all the methods of learning and it really increases student's creativity.

From my research I have found that other schools are more organize with their maker spaces. After walking in every G period and finding the room slightly messy can be a little frustrating. I have concluded that implementing a new organization policy would really be beneficial for all of the Hack Shackers.

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