Tuesday, March 22, 2016

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Learning The 3D Printer
by Nathan Limric

I learned how to use the 3D printer this week. I had learned how to use sketchup in years past and had had things printed for me but had never done it myself. Now that I am an employee of the hack shack I decided to give it a go. I designed my print in Google Sketchup and saved it as an skp file, which is the default. Then I moved my file onto the flash drive and tried to print it, it didn't work, I had the wrong file type. After some research I discovered the file I needed was a stl file. So I went back to Sketch Up and tried to export my file as an stl, with no luck. So back to Google I went. After more research I found that I needed to add a plug in onto Sketchup. To do this I went to window, then preferences, then extension and clicked install extension. I selected the converter file I had downloaded from online and uploaded it. Then I went to file and yay! The converter was there! I saved my print as an stl then imported it to the Maker Bot software and then exported it from there as a Maker Bot file. Finally with the correct file on the flash drive I was able to print.

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