Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Silhouette CAMEO

By Nathan Limric

Silhouette CAMEO devices are gaining popularity recently, especially among hard core crafters. You can outline and cut out almost anything with the Silhouette printer, whether it be your own design or a picture from online. People use the printers for anything from creative wedding invitations to labeling. The printer can be bought for only $270, with such a low price it's no wonder that they are gaining popularity. 

Here at the school students use the Silhouette cutter to make personalized designs. In the Hack Shack we use the Silhouette printer to create signs. Also in the Hack Shack we have a multitude of different papers to print your designs on. Students can print out individual letters on different sheets of paper to create engaging and fun poster titles. Not only does text created with the Silhouette printer look fun it also looks neat, which can be a big part of some project grades. 

With so many different uses the Silhouette printer is a great purchase for your home and even greater in the Hack Shack.

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