Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Creating 3D Paper Designs Using the Silhouette Paper Cutter

By Thatcher Ervin

The Silhouette paper cutter is mainly used for cutting out two dimensional paper shapes to be pasted onto other surfaces. I figured I could take the two dimensional cut outs from the printer and make them into three dimensional objects. I opened up Silhouette Studio, the design software provided by Silhouette, and designed several shapes to fit together as polyhedra. I started with equilateral triangles with tabs on the side to glue them together. This is an icosahedron, a polyhedron made up of 20 faces of equilateral triangles. I also made a dodecahedron, which is a polyhedron with 12 faces. All of the faces are made up of pentagons and I tucked the tabs inside for this shape.
After I designed the two dimensional shapes on the computer, I cut them out using the Silhouette Cameo paper cutter. After they were cut out, I fold up all of the tabs on the sides that I used to connect all the pieces.Then I glued them all together piece by piece until it was all put together. Come to the Hack Shack if you'd like to see these in person or make one yourself.

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