Friday, April 8, 2016

Creating a "Spy Watch"

by Adam Hookway

Hey Everyone! This is my first blog post and I have a super exciting idea for all of you DIY-ers that you're gonna love.

"A spy watch"

Now I can assume you know what I mean by this. But if you don't, it's the watch James Bond sports as a two way radio, nerve gas emitter, garrote, etc. Although all those things would be amazing to have on your wrist, most of his gadgets are mildly illegal in the states to say the least. But what I can show you is how I made my watch have Bluetooth capabilities.

I started off with a basic Bluetooth headset meant for those business types. I ripped it apart and stripped it to its barest parts. Then I went to my local Walmart, strolled over to the $10 watch section and grabbed the largest one in stock.
Next I emptied it of all moving parts, turning it into a neat little wrist locket.
I then placed the Bluetooth speaker inside the watch, making sure it fit correctly. It may turn out you need to widen portions of the watch, which I accomplished by using a dremmel tool with a cutting wheel. With a few quick adjustments, my headset fit snug into the watch.
After fitting the headset into the watch I cut an access port into the side so I would later be able to charge the headset, once placed into the watch.
Just above where the speaker sits, three holes should be drilled into the glass (it's most likely plastic if it was <$20). These should be small, and not noticeable at first glance.
Finally, print off and cut out a picture of an analog clock (harder to tell it's not actually moving) and glue it to the glass, on the inside.
Once everything is in place, you're free to hot-glue that puppy down and reassemble it! It's great for showing off to your friends, or low-key listening to music. This method is great for whatever you want to make into a phone, just realize that the object you inject with the headset most likely will need to be taken apart so be however liberal with your items you choose.
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