Thursday, April 7, 2016

I'll Take The Burger Please

By Alex Szymanski

We all know that there are great things that you can do with the 3D printer but what about the most important things? Like food?  Well fear not because the era of 3D printed food is here. According to 3D, there are great easy ways to begin printing right now! The first is with an extruder add on called the BotBQ. This 3D extruder add on turns your printer into a grill! (eventually) With this you can print burgers and cook them in whatever shape you want! Although through my research, the quality of the burgers really varies.

Another form of food printers is a printer that prints candy and toppings for cakes and other baked goods. This is more realistic than the mean printer but at the same time could be done by people without the 500$ price tag.

The last from of printer is the one that is being looked at my the military. This printer would be used to make nutritious and tasty meals for soldiers in the field and would be able to provide them with meals on demand.This printer is still heavily in the works and needs a lot of improvement before it is rolled out.

The world of 3D printed food is far from close. All of the products that I have seen are either strong impractical or need much more work before they are rolled out for public use. The most practical use for these would be pasta. Pasta is incredibly hard to make on your own but a 3D printer would have no issue with that.

So, hold off on your purchases because the world of 3D printed food is not cooked all the way though yet.

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