Wednesday, April 13, 2016


by Adam Hookway

Hey Everyone! So I decided since my last post was a DIY, I'll make a post for all my gamer fans.

Everyday, sitting at my desk playing "Stack" or Qubed" I feel like I'm missing out on my favorite games because my Iphone doesn't have the firmware to play anything off my steam account (which btw I've put over $200 into). So I did some research and found the solution to all my problems. It's an app called "KinoConsole" and it's the answer to our prayers.
(Link at the bottom)

Now this is only available to windows users, which can be a problem to us linux fans. (I don't say mac fans because chances are you're not a mac gamer... Gross;) But even though it has its short-comings, it's a great little app.

To use you need to install KinoConsole on your phone and PC. Then through a short install session, and reading a few instructions, you can sinc up your phone and laptop and play any of your steam games from your phone. Play FTL with a touch pad, or Crysis with customization, virtual joysticks and buttons. It works amazing and I suggest it to anyone who is going brain dead from hours of color switcher.
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PS: The full version is worth the $5. The graphics and speed are amazing. 

PC Site

Iphone App Store

Heretic's/Blasphemer's(Android) App Store

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