Thursday, April 7, 2016

Replacing Essential or Decorative Components of Household Objects

By Thatcher Ervin

Think of the last time you've lost a small piece of an item, that has made it useless or not fully functional; a pen cap, a missing chess or checkers piece, a glue cap, or dial? There are tons of items that are discarded, or made useless, due to the loss of a very small, but necessary piece. These pieces are often just as hard to get as the full item itself, so they are rarely replaced. But now, with the technology from our 3D printer at the school, these parts can be easily and effectively be replaced.
The core of one of the library's tape dispenser had gone missing, therefore making it useless to the library. The tape dispenser sat in a drawer in the library for about a year until we had the idea of remodeling the core on the 3D printer. The first step to remodeling it was taking measurements. I used a caliper to gather all the most important measurements of the core. Then I measured the inside diameter of the tape because that was the easiest way to get an accurate measurement. I redesigned the piece in Google Sketchup and made the most practical design for the 3D printer. I calculated the price of the print from the projected print material and the whole print cost less than 30 cents. This cost less than any of the ones I found online, nevermind transportation. The next day I printed the design, and it was ready and fully functional in under a day from being requested.
If you would like any similar thing replaced, come to the Hack Shack located in the library and we can design it and replace it for you.

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