Wednesday, April 13, 2016


By. George Philbrick

The Silhouette Printer in the Hack Shack has many capabilities beyond simply cutting out pieces of paper. Of course this primary function shouldn't be overlooked either. I am absolutely sure that not one person in this school could cut as well as the printer. The complicated cuts it can do work for many projects, from scrapbooking to building 3d models with pieces of paper.
The program which the printer uses is remarkably simple. It is a very easy to use drawing program, where all one needs do is draw where they wish the cuts to be. Then the user simply needs to plug their computer into the printer and click send to printer. There is no hassle, no exporting, and no difficulty.
The printer can be used for far more than scrapbooking; the sheets of material sold for the printer range from magnetic to stickers. So if one wants a bumper sticker for one's car, or a magnet for their fridge, they are perfectly able to do so.
In addition, the Hack Shack owns pens that the printer can use. These come in 24 different colors. All one needs to do is replace the blade with the pen, then the pen can trace all the lines that the printer would normally cut.
The only downside is the process by which one loads paper into the printer. It isn't very clear and it is easy to make a mistake. If you ever do use it, which I recommend you do, tape the paper you are cutting to the buildmat, place it so that its end is touching those white rollers and its left side lines up perfectly with the blue line, then press load. If it doesn't load straight, unload it, then load it again.
All in all, the Silhouette is a very interesting and useful tool which I recommend you try.

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