Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Silhouette Cameo

The Silhouette Cameo
By:Rusat LaTulippe

The Silhouette CAMEO produces quick and clean lettering and designs and can cut through thin materials to create amazing visuals. The simplicity of the Silhouette CAMEO is appealing and is very easy to use, especially with its touch screen. 

Its blade makes it hard to cut through anything tougher than thin sticky paper or thin card stock.  It cannot do things such as engraving and embossing. Sometimes the touch screen requires a lot of pressure to work properly.

This cutting machine lacks versatility but is capable of creating amazing designs and cool art projects.  You can use the Silhouette CAMEO to make custom designs, stickers, cards and more.  The Silhouette CAMEO does not have the power required to cut through materials like the card stock paper we have (most of the time it gets stuck), but it is an excellent cutter for most crafting projects like drawing on paper and creating cool designs.  Not everybody needs an industrial strength cutting machine, but for those, like us, who want a basic cutter, the Silhouette CAMEO is the perfect match.


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