Monday, April 18, 2016

Time: The Ultimate (Sometimes) Fix

Hello readers, Nicholas Dundorf here. Now many of us have had a lot of ongoing issues with technology in pretty much every part of our daily life. Oyster River High School is no exception. There's always some kind of glitch that someone will encounter on a work day when the laptops are out, or one day the network will be all but nuked. For me, it was in the Hack Shack. The Silhouette printer, one of the many marvels of the room, had sat next to me for a number of days begging to be used by me. Finally, I relented. I hit the power button on the sleek white machine and it whirred to life. My hands turned to the computer and I clicked on the "Silhouette" icon. Nothing happened.silhouette-cameo.jpg
The software simply refused to start. The icon would flash upon me clicking it, and nothing else would happen. To top things off, I couldn't even redownload the software due to school installation restrictions. I asked others about the problem and soon discovered that this one was unique to my school account and a few others.
After this predicament, I simply left the machine alone until deciding to try the machine a week or so later. This time, I clicked the icon and it booted right up! The next day, it did not. And the next day, it did. I was faced with a software that seemed to function on a whim. As time progressed, the software must have warmed up to me (or something), because it worked more and more consistently. This brought me to a realization. Perhaps the fix was just that: time. Sometimes with computer problems, on simply has to be patient, do a few reboots, and just wait. I don't really understand how each individual strip of code interacts between the Silhouette program and the computer. So sometimes, you've just got to let time fix the problem.

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