Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Get to Know The Hack Shack

By Alex Szymanski

In the Hack Shack there are many services that we have to offer. Things that can help you in classes or just to spark your innovative side. Here is a list of our biggest tool you can use at any time.

Silhouette Printer/Cutter
This printer can print your text calligraphically to create a jazzy header for a poster or cut shapes to spice up a project. This printer is a feature that is majorly underused and is always available and easy to use.

3D Printer
The 3D printer is our most popular tool here in the Hack Shack. This service allows people to design 3D models to use for projects or personal use. The printer is easy to use and most of the time your job can be completed within the week.

Little Bits
The little bits allow students to that their creativity flourish while learning about circuits and making something cool and fun. There are many possibilities of what you can create they are just waiting to be found!

Green Screen
The green screen allows students to make fun movies for class or for fun with the use of the iPad in the Hack Shack. There are endless opportunities and hilarity is guaranteed to ensue.

These features and many more are at your disposal in the hack shack along with help desk services by yours truly along with my other classmates. Come take advantage of what we have! Hope to see you soon!

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