Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Hack Shack: Signing Off

By: Alex Szymanski

I think that each member of the hack shack learned and benefited from our shared experience in a different way. Whether we learned to be proactive and organized, to design, create, and innovate, or just how to break out of our shell and outreach to promote the hack shack, we all learned a valuable lesson from our Hack Shack tenure.

We all learned that often when you are looking to accomplish something the easy way isn't always the best way and often not the most fun way either. We learned that if we wanted to get something done, we had to put in the initiative and make it happen. We learned about time management and taking responsibility.

The project that involved the largest research and was one of our most passionate projects was the drone. We spent a lot of time researching and speaking with teachers students and administration to do what we had to get done and even though, in the end, for various reasons, we were unable to follow through and make the purchase, we learned a lot. We came together as a team and accomplished a task that we were all excited about.

I think that the Hack Shack has allowed us to let out an innovation and curiosity that usually goes untapped and that is an amazing thing. So the ability to share that with others, (whenever we can get them in here), is truly a gift and I hope that students continue to explore and let their creativity flow in the Hack Shack.

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