Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Using the 3D Printer to Create Cooking Tools

By Thatcher Ervin

After thinking about items that are useful and that are infinitely customizable, I thought of making a cookie cutter. Because of the creative nature of cookie cutters, they can be really anything you want. One of my friends likes cats so I figured I would design a cookie cutter shaped as a cat head. I designed it in SketchUp and then printed it. I figured a platter of cookies would look more diverse if I had multiple sized cookies so I rescaled my design and printed it again. After I printed them out, I made dough and rolled it out with a rolling pin to get ready to cut. Once the dough was rolled flat, I used the cookie cutters to cut out as many cookies as I could get out of the dough. After cutting them all out I arranged them on a tray and baked them.

The cookies were delicious and I plan to make even more cookie cutter shapes.  Cookie shapes are limitless, which makes a 3D printer a perfect tool to make them with because you can print infinite amounts of shapes on a 3D printer.

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