Tuesday, June 7, 2016

3D Printing Changing Lives

by Nathan Limric

By now most everyone has heard of 3D printing and all the amazing stuff you can create. We've all heard stories about parents printing custom toys for kids or amazing teens building robots out of 3D printed parts. But is 3D printing changing peoples lives outside of the US? The answer is a definite yes.
We all know how expensive prosthetics are, and for people here at home they are a challenge to get. Imagine living in rural Uganda and needing a prosthetic, sounds like an impossible thing to accomplish. Thanks to 3D printing this dream can become a reality. A young boy Amos lost his arm and leg in an animal attack and thought he would be crippled for life. Living in rural Uganda his hopes of having a replacement limb were even more far fetched. Due to a partnership between a Uganda hospital and a Canadian hospital Amos has a new 3D printed arm that he is steadily learning to use. He can grasp objects and hasn't stop smiling since the team introduced him to his new limb.
Remarkable things can come from 3D printing and it's great to hear a story like Amos's. Click the link below to read the story for yourself.

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