Thursday, June 16, 2016

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     Hey guys, it's DemonHook back with another blog post. During the course of this quarter, I have been designing a lot of things with the 3D printer, and my newest one is both innovative and useful.
     I spent a few weeks messing around with the strength of the PLA our machine prints, and I decided I was going to print an emergency splint for backpackers or hikers, should the need for one ever arise. I went through 6 design models before I was satisfied and ended with this;
It weighs 126 grams (about as heavy as a standard computer mouse) and is very durable. Hinges allow it to be folded so it wont take up an excessive amount of space

It only requires a few straps, and it is nice and smooth on the underside so on comfort, it gets an A. In a real survival situation, this could be much more helpful than a few dead stick because of the dense, light weight PLA used.
So over all this is a great tool that I will be (hopefully not) testing this weekend. 

Hope you enjoyed,


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