Friday, June 17, 2016

Hack Shack Semester Sum-Up

By Rusat LaTulippe

I am sad to inform you that the school year has come to an end. This unfortunately means that the Hack Shack will be acquiring a new set of employees at the beginning of next year. Though the fun is over, I do not like to dwindle on negative things. I had a blast in the hack shack over the last semester and I would like to introduce you to some of the things that I was lucky enough to play around with.
This computer is where I first learned how to use the Silhouette Cameo Printer and the 3D printer. I had a hard time at first but with a week of practice it became second nature.
What you see above is our highly complex and most prized possession, the MakerBot 3D replicator. I learned how to use a program called SketchUp and was able to design and print many designs. Even though the MakerBot takes a while to print, the end results are truly worth it.
Next, we move onto the Silhouette Cameo that you see above. This machine looks very sleek and simple but it is an amazing piece of technology. This is my favorite piece of Hack Shack equipment. Under the cover of the machine there is an interchangeable bit. You can replace it with a variety of different colored markers provided and you can even cut designs with it! If you insert the cutting tool in the bit holder the machine will cut out whatever design you would like.

This is the Hack Shack's green screen. It can take to places you have never even dreamed of. This piece of equipment is very simple. Startup the IPad, open up the green screen app, point the IPad's back camera at the green screen and pick your favorite background. This machine is very simple but the effects it can produce are breathtaking.
Overall, I had a great semester in the hack shack and I hope the next batch of creative minds will explore as much as I did. I am really looking forward to coming back and visiting the future hack shackers and see what new things they have discovered. I would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who made this possible and I would like to say the biggest thank you to Mrs. Carr for being an amazing adviser through this wonderful journey.

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