Friday, June 10, 2016

View Your SketchUp Model in Virtual Reality

By Thatcher Ervin

For anyone interested in designing or remodeling things on a CAD program, Kubity is an app worth checking out. Kubity lets you view any sketchup model in virtual reality on your phone, or fly around it on your phone by using a flight simulator. Getting your sketchup model, or any model you can access into VR is much simpler than it sounds. First, go to and upload your sketchup model by either dragging and dropping it onto the page, or by selecting it in your file browser. Once it is uploaded, a QR code should come up in the upper right.Then download the Kubity app which is free on the app store, and scan the QR code on the website. One you scan the QR code, the model is downloaded onto your phone to use for virtual reality.
Click on the VR headset symbol on the bottom left and then choose either the Google cardboard option, for virtual reality, or Smartphone, for a flight simulator/360 navigation experience.
There is a sample model you can try the app out with even if you don't have a design ready, just scan the QR code below with the app on your phone.

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