Wednesday, October 5, 2016

LittleBits of Joy

Ever since the infamous Sea Perch project in eighth grade, I swore to myself that I would never touch a piece of circuitry ever again. The whole process was just extremely strenuous and dull. Cutting PVC pipes, figuring out where each wire went, and don't even get me started on soldering.
There were way too many instructions to read, and they were all extremely vague. My partner and I kept messing up so much that I almost set the soldering iron down with the hope that the project would catch on fire. I honestly rather would have taken 5 precalculus tests on the same day, than have to do that project. Having to operate this depressing piece of machinery in front of everyone at the Swasey pool was just icing on the cake. To my dismay, the ROV did not malfunction under water.

Obviously I'm not much of technology person, at least when it involves building things. However, technology still intrigues me, but I needed something that was basic, but still provided me with a learning experience. I crave simplicity, and with the LittleBits, there is no frustration.

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Thanks to LittleBits, students can be introduced to electronics without any
bare wires, and they can go straight into higher-level electronics without any of the many, many potential points of failure found in building each circuit yourself. Makers can seamlessly incorporate basic components like light sensors and servomotors with more complex elements like Internet access and Arduino programming. All you need is a box of LittleBits' handy, easy to use Bit modules. There are over 60 different modules, such as vibrators, LED lighting, pressure sensors and even more.
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You can make your own prank handshake, back massager, or just something that simply lights up.  There's no soldering, programming or wiring required, all you have is simply attach the modules together and watch the magic unfold in front of you. These modules are great for people who are not heavily involved with technology but are still interested in dabbling with it. I enjoyed myself when I was using LittleBits, because I honestly felt like a small child, because long story short, these things are the Legos of circuitry. I definitely recommend these for anyone that is a beginner in the maker/technology world. You can get super creative with them, and it goes way beyond just following the instructions in the binder. You can take that back massager that you were creating and turn into something completely different. The creations that you make, can be made into something even greater.

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