Monday, October 31, 2016

Are Legos Good For Your Brain?

Jarrod Bernier
Are Legos Good For Your Brain?Image result for legos

Legos. They were THE childhood toy. You could build expansive worlds where your imagination could come to life. They were fun for all skill levels. Some people could make a simple house,while others could make working doors and builds with movable parts. I was one of the kids who never really got into Legos. I was the kind who could make a square, but that was the extent of my Lego experience. But were kids who played with Legos smarter? Or are they smarter now? That's what I looked into and this is what I found. Image result for kid playing with lego
You may think that the only reason Legos might make you smarter are because they teach you how to build things. But you'd be mistaken. "In observational studies, kids who spent more free time with puzzles or building blocks scored higher on tests of spatial ability (Jirout and Newcombe 2015; Levine et al 2012)." In this article it explains the idea of spatial recognition through tests that required recreation of a specific shape. They are all done by 3-year-olds and only 40% was able to recreate even a very simple idea. This article also made claims that the act of building with Legos makes you better at math!!!
And not only will it generally help students in school, but Amy Shelton, a cognitive psychologist and director of research at the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, says "These skills not only have a relationship to academics, but to the fields you might gravitate to, and where you're going to excel" (Taken from Hub). Image result for legos kids
Legos and other construction toys can help kids with math and spatial reasoning skills, and even influence what they want to do in life! By my count that means that Legos do make you smarter. But the studies don't end, more and more are run every year. So maybe you don't need to study as hard for math! Just sit back relax and enjoy some Lego time!!!

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