Thursday, November 10, 2016

Grow a Tree: Stay Focused on School

Grow a Tree Stay Focused on School
-James Kahn

It's common knowledge that cellphones have the side of effect of being distracting. Look around at any point during the day and people will be looking down at their phones instead of interacting with people. This distraction takes away from more than just social life. Cell phones constantly take away from the time and effort you put into work/school work.

How do you fix this though?

For me this wasn't easy, even if I wanted to leave my phone alone it would constantly vibrate, just calling to be used. A simple solution is airplane mode, but this means I can't listen to music while I work, making it a choice I would rather avoid. To solve this problem, a friend recommend an app called Forest Stay Focused. This is actually a really simple app; it's basically a timer. You set a timer on your phone and while the timer is running, you can't go play games or get distracted without a penalty. This penalty is that you kill a tree, not an actual tree but a virtual one. You see when you set the timer you start the growth of a virtual tree. Stop the timer early and it dies. Don't touch your phone and a trees grows. Another good part of the app is that each time a tree grows you are rewarded with leaves. When you gather 2,500 leaves you can donate them to have a tree planted in real life.

Now, you would be surprised by how much I resisted using my phone so as to not kill a tree. With the app on I, didn't want to even check my phone. Before you think, "Wait, this has no benefit over airplane mode," it does.  I have the ability to whitelist apps. What this means is that I can select apps like Pandora or Spotify and continue to listen music even with the block on the device.

I highly urge people to try out this app. There's no downside to the app. It allows you to stay focused and helps the environment. Plus for those that are really ambitious you can download onto Chrome for even more tree growing.
Stay Focused Logo. Digital image. Forest. N.p., n.d. Web. 1 Nov. 2016.

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