Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Maker Bot!

Designing The Makerbot
By Jarrod Bernier

For almost a year I worked on one project. That project was "The Makerbot." I designed it in Sketch-Up, which at the time was the only 3D design software that I knew how to use. The idea of the Makerbot is that he would be a mascot for the MakerSpace and allow for us to advertise more easily and increase foot traffic in the Hack Shack. DSCN0556.JPG
I faced many problems while designing the Makerbot and I conquered them as they came along. The first problem I faced was with the first edition. His joints were too small and the plastic pieces themselves bent and twisted and broke instead of doing what they were supposed to do. What a bummer!

DSCN0554.JPGThis sent me back to the drawing board and back into Sketch-Up to see if I could fix the problem. Well, after another month or so I had what I thought was the answer. However after printing the second edition of the Makerbot. I found that it had a flaw as well. But this time the joints were too large and all of the limbs fell out.

DSCN0557.JPGBy now I was determined to get this right. 3rd time's the charm right?
Not in this case. The third edition I printed the whole thing way too small and had a mix of two problems. The leg joints were too small and the arm joints were too big. So I went in for one final print!
This time the print was going fine until the printer itself was actually unplugged mid print. Gaaah!

One final time and I got the result I wanted. A completed Makerbot that has movable arms and legs, that don't fall out of their sockets. Huzzah!
But now I faced a whole new problem … What to design next! The possibilities are endless! If you have any ideas come on down B period and let me hear 'em! I am open to any suggestion!

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