Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Apple vs. Android


By James Kahn
Android is Google's software child, what some might consider iOS’s ugly cousin. I don't consider it that at all though, even if I can understand where it is coming from. Android being open sourced is used by most smartphone companies which are competing at various levels. Unlike Apple that produces one phone at a set price of  ~$800, you can buy an Android for just $20 at Walmart or spend over $92,000 on a GoldVish.
This means multiple things. First, not all Android phones are meant to compete 1 to 1 against an iPhone.The hardware in Android can vary from very basic to extremely powerful. This leads to point 2: the software is not as optimized. Google simply can't optimize it for thousands of devices. Inevitably, it’s less stable and not as fast at running software, but it also means that depending on my budget I can pick up a phone for cheap or a really high end phone if I want to. I can also find a phone that will suit my use, like one with a big battery, a nice camera, or fast processor.
With Android you can’t guarantee a lot, it all depends on the phone brand. But if you want to learn how to do a little bug fixing or just learning how a phone’s software works, a cheap phone can be more than perfect. I have had more issues with my Android phone than I ever did with my Apple, yet I would never go back to Apple. The ability to modify anything on my phone and really make it my own is extremely nice. Simply going to the movies, I saw 8 plus iPhone users with the same background and same style body--nothing new or interesting. I, on the other hand, bought a phone you had to be invited to buy, something only people really into tech would even know existed. Android vs Apple comes down to what do you want: simplicity or adaptability.

Think before you buy, do a little research and find what fits you best, because how can one phone that Apple designs possibly fit the needs of every person?

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