Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Mirrorless Cameras

By Cole Brisson

You may have heard of the new camera called a mirrorless camera. But do you know what that means or what it means for the DSLR world as a whole? In this article, I will help you better understand the differences between the two and what makes the mirrorless camera a game changer. 
So the biggest difference between the two types of cameras is in the name itself. The mirrorless design is a camera that does not have mirrors. Mirrors are used in a DSLR to help capture an image and deliver it to the sensor which develops the image and saves a digital copy onto your SD card. With the mirrorless camera, this system is taken away and replaced by a completely digital solution. This allows the user to take much faster photos as well as cut back on how much the camera weighs. The biggest problem with DSLRs is their speed. Most of the time the rule is by the time you see it in your viewfinder it is already too late, this is due to the mirrors inside the system which mechanically work at a very fast speed. However to the human eye work very slow, so when you see the picture in your viewfinder it is a slower reflection of what has already past. To negate this, people will buy much larger cameras such as the Canon 5D which will take faster photos but sacrifice portability which can be a problem when both your back your hands hurt from the weight of the camera and the lens. 

With a Mirrorless camera however you can get the best of both worlds. With the removal of the mirror system, you are able to take photos in a much faster fashion. Take the Sony A6000 for example, you are able to take 11 photos per second with 172 autofocus points making your images non-blurry even while you move. Compare that with a mid-range Nikon D5300 which can take 3 pictures per second with 9 autofocus points and you have a clear winner who costs much less and weighs that much little in comparison. 

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